Author’s Note

Given the perpetual confusion (and the deliberate esotericism) around ‘Accelerationism’, its theoreticians, and its political ‘goals’, I have prepared this syllabus as a kind of (auto)didactic reading guide for the would-be Accelerationist and others curious about wading through this rich yet disconnected area of ongoing research.

With a recognition that “Accelerationism” has come to stand in as a post hoc signifier for a variety of discontinuous theoretical threads, I have attempted to provide an exhaustive—yet not too exhaustive—overview of the concept (if it is a unitary one), its major theoretical lineages, as well as its discontents. As such, this guide does not have any particular theoretical or political bent—it is neither r/acc nor l/acc nor g/acc nor u/acc—and thus the readings may be contradictory or unclear, but more often than not they have been paired together precisely on account of their dissonance!

It is my hope that this guide may—eventually—help dispel some of the ongoing myths about Accelerationism that permeate academia, the blogosphere, Twitter, and (increasingly) the edges of mainstream political discourse. Best of luck!


In the interest of keeping this list as short as can be, I have cut some material (e.g. Marx, Deleuze-Guattari, among others) that may be of interest in wading through this list. No doubt a knowledge of Marx in particular will prove invaluable in evaluating the following readings.


Also—I would love to turn this into a lecture series eventually, but I’m not sure if/when that would happen or how (I’m very busy). It’d be really cool to hear if people wanted that—or perhaps even text-based lectures/summaries of each unit.


Rise of the Machines

The Matrix, Simulation, and the Womb

Capital’s Black Circuit

The End of Man


(Dis)enlightenment and Pessimistic Subject(ivitie)s

Inhumanities and the Anthropocene

Black Capital

Politics, Time, and the Outside